Here is song I completed last December, but just got around to posting it. I used this song on one of my PMVs (Pony Music Video). Check out my “Video” page to watch it.

Wasteland (2:40):

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Wasteland – Lyrics and music by Andreas Jahn

Entered this wasteland
I did last weekend
The sky was very still… until…
I got quite used to it and
You looked back at me
Blinked your eyes disgustingly as I just
Turned around but never walked away from
This place

This desert wasteland
Frolic through the sand
I’ll sing and play this tune as soon
As I complete the band
Then build a dirty stage
And our still fantastic bass player’s
Lost in traffic and will not come back to
This place

I followed through the maze
Until I saw the gaze
On your eyes I could tell you didn’t
Want me to get any closer
I just kept marching on
Since the fourth wall is gone
I’ll live in where there aren’t distractions
Everywhere I go

(Instrumental Break)

The day that I met you
I didn’t have a clue
What caused all this destruction but
After some research I know what did
It goes back to the day
That this place was pretty
But no one likes that idea anymore

My finger touched the ground
And I shall wash it fifty times or more now

Come to this wasteland
There will be cake and
A celebration soon, for you
So you enjoy it so that
In this day’s midnight
While you others scream and fight in your land
We shall just relax and I suggest you do the same

This desert wasteland
It will be so grand
And then the sun will set… I bet…
You will have thoughts that we were
Friendlier as well as this
Ground for us to sell to you
Your new home will be the best

Don’t bother standing up
You don’t look bored enough
Just carry on with what you’re doing
You’ll be ok
If not then call for help
We are not used to you just
Staying here every night

© Copyright 2012 Andreas Jahn Music

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