Nuclear Winter

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Nuclear Winter (4:22):

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Nuclear Winter – Lyrics and music by Andreas Jahn

A storm is coming to our town
The sounds I hear are way too loud
For us to sleep when
It comes to our own nighttime
I see another second term
I see nobody has confirmed
The reason those
without homes are trapped in violence

Find my house with the crooked
Roof with parts that fell
And windows cracked because of
Guns that don’t aim well

I think the weathers getting cold
And that the story has been told
Like they know what it
is but not when it will end
They think that they’re accomplishing
A new lesson learned is just the thing
To keep them from poking their
Head into our space that we live in

Someday you’ll find out just how
Frightened we are now
If one could stop this mess they
Still would never tell how


The nuclear winter tries us
hard as it can to tear us out of our land
The day that I woke covered in
tons of dirt I realized that no one understands
the terror I lived through in the cold dark nights
Every single year of my life

Our supply of food is running out
Barely enough to go around
We’re starving and there’s
Nothing anyone does about it
I think somehow we won’t survive
And moments like this in our lives
Can make us feel like
Every day is as long as a year

Shelter and food is all that
We are asking for
But people act as if we’re
asking for ten times more

Repeat Chorus

We try hard to make it through
But there is still not much that we can do

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright 2012 Andreas Jahn Music

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