The Fourth Wall

Here’s a new song I made called “The Fourth Wall”! For those of you who don’t know, “Fourth Wall” is a term for the imaginary wall between the characters of a TV show, play, etc. that divides the story and the audience. “Breaking” the fourth wall means that the character comes in contact with the audience. This song is from the point of view of a character who knows that somewhere out there, there is an audience that likes his performance. I hope you enjoy it!

The Fourth Wall (3:31):

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The Fourth Wall – Lyrics and music by Andreas Jahn

The first scene is where I appear
The characters may not look ahead
But where I stand the view is clear
I know there’s someone else
Instead of constantly thinking about the fellow characters like me
I bulge my eyes out at the crowd ’cause there is other stuff to see

I felt the glass
The audience suggests I take a hammer
So I smash the screen
My hand is not
Just made of pixels once I poke my face through
Exiting the scene
And all my life
Participating here I never realized it’s fake
But in reality out of normality
I’m the only one to ever break

You creep me out as you are watching although
You might say that of us as we speak
And focus right into your human eyes
As we still do every week

The next scene I’m lost in a mall
And I have to concentrate
But I could just ask you where the exit is
That would be great but I’d
Fail to care and think about
The fellow characters I see
I love them all but not as much as
Audience that talks to me

Once I reached out
A barrier protected me from everything I know exists
Out of this world
I always had to stay in ’til I
Found a place that’s filled with bliss
I broke right through
And hoped you’d understand that I can
Live a life that none could make
And in reality out of normality
I’m the only one to ever break

© Copyright 2012 Andreas Jahn Music

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