Here’s my new song called “Underground”. It was my second song after a long absence from music making. The song is about someone who loses a thought and the thought makes it’s way out of reach. So he has to find it in the ground because he knows how important his idea is. Sometimes this happens to me… Hope you enjoy it!

Underground (3:15):

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Underground – Lyrics and music by Andreas Jahn

I tripped over a thought
And now that’s destroyed
No one’s gonna see it and it won’t exist
When it decays into the underground
I wonder how it felt
And I will reach in
Trying hard to grab it and if I can remember
Where it lays inside the underground

Where people roam
If I can breathe in all the soil
I can take my thought
And claim it for myself
If there’s hope that it will not die
Then I’ll bring it into my mind
If I can find it — inside

It’s starting to vanish
But it will not end
Still I do not know if my stubborn hand can
Go far enough
Go far into the ground
I know it’s important
It’s the best thought yet
But it slips right into the ocean and it’s
Sinking right into the underground

You just don’t know of the danger living there
You just don’t know what I’m thinking now



(Guitar solo)

The dirt’s getting thicker
I’m going farther down
There’s a sun down here that you do not know of
Spreading heat into the underground
Maybe I can’t catch it
But I still can try
It is so important that my small weak hands can
Find my thought inside the underground



© Copyright 2012 Andreas Jahn Music

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