Neon Planet

Here’s a song called “Neon Planet”. It’s about a fictional planet made up of incredibly bright colors. I wrote the lyrics from the point of view of a resident of the planet. I talk about how dull and dark Earth is in comparison and there’s even some figurativeness in the lyrics if you really think about it. The feel of the song is an 80’s style with tons of synthesizers. As a matter of fact, “Neon Planet” is the name of the album/list that this song is track 1 on and the whole album is going to be techno/electronic themed while a bunch of times still keeping my alternative style of music shown (although there are exceptions such as “This Generation” and “Happier Now”). So anyway, I hope you enjoy the song!

Neon Planet (4:08):

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Neon Planet – Lyrics and music by Andreas Jahn

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