Marble Blast

Besides music, I also enjoy playing the video game Marble Blast Gold, which is described as:

“Rolling a marble from the start pad to the end pad, while avoiding the hazards along the way. On some levels, there is a Qualify time that the player must meet in order to move on to the next level. Each level also has a gold time which requires tricks to defeat. Most levels also require collecting a set number of gems along the way. There are 100 levels in all, divided by difficulty: 24 beginner, 24 intermediate, and 52 advanced. If you beat all 100 levels, then you can create your own levels.”

Recently I’ve began creating my own “custom levels”. These are posted under my pen name Buzzmusic100, and are on the Marble Blast Forum. I am also creating my own custom interiors using a 3D rendering application called Constructor.


Here are a few videos of me playing my own custom levels. I some cases I’ve used my own music.

Final Speedrun (8.86) & Two-Faced Labyrinth (17.42)

The following video contains my custom level (second) as well as Technostar’s custom level (first one).

Buzz’s Mini Marble Golf (19.50) and Marble Mini Golf: Ice Tunnel (8.99)

My Marble Blast Platinum Custom Levels

Marble Blast Gold (custom level) Mine Ultra Course 1:41.42

My first Marble Blast custom level

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