Archive (older videos)

This is my video archive.

Don’t Let Start

Playing a They Might Be Giants song

Vertical Drop

This is a music video I made for my song Vertical Drop, which is number 5 on Marble Run. I played all the instruments (MIDI) and sang all the vocal parts. I used iStopMotion to do the animation, and iMove to finish the project. Hope you like it. 8/23/10

Drawing Paper

Stopmotion animation 5/15/10

Your Interesting Mind

I call this song Your Interesting Mind. I wrote it and perform it here on my piano. My Dad asks me how I come up with my songs. I don’t know, they just come to me. This song will be the 11th song on my soon to be released CD named “Leaf Yellow”. I hope you like my song. 5/2/09

Hiney Caplatser

This is a video my Dad made of me at age 3, singing my first original song, Hinie Caplatser. My Grandma Jahn had a lot of interesting words, like Hinie Caplatser, which I think is the German saying for “spanking”.

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