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Becoming Popular (Originally by Daniel Ingram) Techno Remix

Here is a song from the TV show “My Little Pony” written by Daniel Ingram. I have created a techno remix of the song. I hope you enjoy! Added 04/06/2012

Dizzying Heights

Music video for my song “Dizzying Heights”. Added 03/18/2012


This is my 2nd PMV using my song “Wasteland”. Hope you like it. Added 03/18/2012

Hole in the Ground

This is a music video for my song, Hole in the Ground. It took trial and error to make this video. Added 11/13/2011


This is a PMV (Pony Music Video) using my song, Astroflight. The video content is made up of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic clips.

Techno Cube

Ultra Course

This is my Dad and me playing my song Ultra Course.

Rubik’s Cube

King of the Castle

He’s a video of me playing one of my original songs, King of the Castle, at my Spring piano recital.


Frame Yard

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